Sweet Sunflower

Sweet sunflower, to those who pass

 If they only knew your circumstance. 

You, fooling all, but me, your

thriving leaves bending to breathe.

Just weeks ago

not knowing of what you were yet 

set you free.


I yanked at your stalk, 

carelessly tossed you down onto

the faded flats of the deck

(you didn’t stop me). 


Into a pile of thick weeds you laid.

Then someone came along and saw you there, 

peeking out of the pile of

discarded garden scraps

all on display

“Wait! That’s not a weed!” she proclaimed, and I realized the


 I had made. 

There was no room left where

you were once from. 

So there I was, finding you a home.


In spite of no soil or water, or place to spread spidery roots, 

you survived.

(You survived!)

And as I sit here on my deck, sharing the same

sun rays you are smiling into, 

admiring how much

bigger and brighter you are, I now see:

Dear sweet sunflower, I am you.

And you



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