Magical Breakfast Burritos

This burrito might just be the super-powered vegan and gluten free breakfast miracle you have been searching for.

A few weeks ago I enjoyed a beautiful weekend in the Okanagen, experiencing amazing food, wine and a wrap that I have not been able to stop dreaming about. My friend and I landed at a kitschy coffee shop that served amazing local java and a vegan wrap that even left my carnivore travel companion in a puddle of her own drool.

Desperate to recreate what I have been missing, I amped up the breakfast treat by adding a whole lot of high-nutrient fillings to really get your Monday off to the right start, or at the very least, make up a little bit for what you did to your body over the weekend at the wine bar.

First, I began with dandelion. I remember working for an Italian family when I was young and them selling frozen chopped dandelion in bags. Like most, I turned my nose up and thought who in the world would purchase weeds to actually consume. Turns out dandelion is amazing in soup and you can easily remove the bitterness with a cold bath. Also, pairing this with a sweet potato gives a bit of balance which is needed. I also blanched the sweet potato and then just sprinkled with hot smoked paprika and a bit of raw coconut sugar to bring out the flavour and also give it a nice crisp on the outside while not over cooking it.

Moving on to the tofu scramble, while scrambling tofu can seem a little bit scary at first to those who are die-hard egg fans, I found that adding a bit of nutritional yeast and cooking in a bit of water and plain soy milk did give a bit more creaminess and egg texture.

The whole thing gets stuffed with sweet pea shoots, some pan fried peppers and spicy green pesto. YUM YUM.


Take a half block of soft tofu and crumble into medium-heat pan. Add quarter cup of soy milk and quarter cup water, 1 tblsp nutritional yeast, half tsp tumeric, salt to taste. cook until liquid dissolved.


Blanch sweet potato which is peeled and sliced in half. Remove and slice into strips, coating with a spray of olive oil, then sprinkle with hot smoked paprika and a half tsp of raw coconut sugar. Salt and pepper and place into 425 degree oven for approx. 25 min, turning once. Remove.


Take one bunch organic dandelion greens and plunge into cold water bath with salt for ten minutes. Drain. Steam greens in steamer until wilted-about 3 minutes.


Take one bunch fresh basil, quarter cup toasted pine nuts, 2 tsp truffle oil, half a squeezed lemon and half cup olive oil and place into blender. Add salt and pepper to taste, 1 tsp red chili flake, 2 cloves roasted garlic and pulse for 8-10 pulses or until mealy and blended. Do not over blend.


Take a rice or gluten-free burrito wrap and warm in a moist towel in microwave to soften. Remove and heat up pan to medium heat as we will toast the burrito to give a good shell on the outside so none of your yummy filling seeps out!

Place tofu scramble first, then wilted dandelion, sweet potato then thinly sliced pan-fried red pepper (you can do this quick once you remove your tofu from the pan) all on top of one another. Top with pesto and pea shoots and then fold in sides and roll like a burrito. Toast for a few minutes on each side until browned. Top with more pea shoots and enjoy!

Recipe makes two large burritos and enough pesto for a week of dipping afterwards!