Veganuary blues

I have been curiously watching this Venaguary trend and seeing a lot of well-intentioned people try to pick up plant eating. At, there is a great resource for those seeking enlightenment into all things vegan. There is even a food essentials kit that I highly recommend reading as it gives newbies the ideas on how to swap out meat and dairy for plant.

So as we know, it takes about 21 days to form a habit. So for those of you hitting that 21-day slump or seeking solace in something NOT made out of seitan or salad, this one is for you.

I packed this curry full of mild, indian flavours, which are warming but not full of heat, and loads of texture and flavour that is anything but bland.

Quick confession time:

If I could just post a blog about JUST curries, I would totally do that. When I began my weight loss journey, I met a fellow blogger (myfancypantry) who had these incredible quick curry recipes and was this super cool, down to earth chick cooking up amazing flavours in record time!

She was my inspiration and the person who turned me on to curries. I have been experimenting for years but still love using her curry-in-a-hurry recipe for fast, flavourful curry sauce.

That said, I love playing with southern Indian flavours and this recipe is a mish-mash of all things I love.

Creamy spinach. toasty cashews. Soft, buttery chickpeas and grilled, firm tofu that is seasoned and delicately fried and then layered in a coconut-cream based sauce that is light, fresh and full of vitamins.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did today.

Veganuary Rescue Curry

Serves: 4

Shopping List:

1 can chickpeas, drained

1 bunch fresh spinach, trimmed and washed

half pkg firm tofu, drained, pressed and chopped into cubes

half an onion, diced

1 clove garlic, minced

1 can diced tomatoes, drained

quarter cup light coconut milk

half cup toasted cashews

one tsp grated ginger and tumeric

half tsp coriander seed, crusheed

half tsp garam masala

half a lime

oil, for fRying

cilantro, for garnish


fry tofu in tblsp vegetable oil, turning until lightly browned. remove.

in same oil, turn down heat to medium low and toast cashews. set aside.

Add more oil and toast spices except garam masala for one minute, adding onion and saute for 2 min.

add tomato and while tomato is cooking, add garlic and ginger to mix. cook 8 minutes.

Add chickpeas and cashew, cook for ten minutes on medium low.

In separate pan, add splash of water and coconut milk, and bring to simmer. Add spinach, place lid on pan. steam until wilted. Remove and roughly puree with immersion blender. Add to curry.

Add tofu. Squeeze lime into curry and add salt to taste along with garam masala at end. Cook another ten minutes.

Remove from heat and serve with basmati rice, garnish with coriander, and enjoy!

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