MasterChef Canada Application Is IN!

Well…I took the plunge.

After years of watching the MasterChef Canada competition and drooling over delicious home cook’s dishes (and not to mention Michael Bonacini, who I may be a fan of), I have put in my application to compete.


Why not?

I mean, for five years, I have been busting butt in the corporate world and cooking/raising a family when I wasn’t working. Each season my kids would poke me to apply-maybe because they were tired of me complaining I wanted to but didn’t have time due to work, but hopefully because they really enjoyed my food.

So when I found myself quitting a start up I knew wasn’t working and wanting to focus back on my roots of franchising, I knew this time I wanted to truly take my time before I took a leap in ANY direction.

Now let me tell you, this hasn’t been an easy feat.

First of all, I had just relocated back to my hometown after working in Thunder Bay for five months and incurred some hefty expenses to move. About three weeks later, my car also died and is still sitting in the driveway as we speak.

(I am taking donations for Poppy, the pain in my butt Mini).

Secondly, I had a few offers come forward but none would start until later in the year and while both aligned with my passions nicely, I needed some income in the short term or at least something to do before I went absolutely stir crazy.

I have never, ever NOT worked.

I repeat. Never.

It was a close friend who encouraged me to apply. Putting his football coach hat on with me and in a stern, dad-like tone said “Angelee-I want you to set a goal and get up tomorrow and get that done for you”.

So I put it out there “Secret-style” and got working on my application and video.

The process itself took me about an hour and a half. I was really stumped on the “signature dish” question. I mean, what described ME fully? I love to cook plant-based food, Indian and also make pastry, but how can I make that fancy? It was a bit of a struggle and where I probably spent about a half hour pondering this alone.

Watch my video application here

I ended up writing down that my signature dish would be a roasted curried vegetable en croute with mint cilantro sauce.

The minute I hit send on that, my inner type-A screamed LAAAMMMMMMMMMME.

But it was out there.

I want to do more avant-garde. More creative fusion techniques. And THAT is what I came up with? Argh.( It will be the death of me, this perfectionist attitude I have)

My application video complete, anxiety attack subdued, I hit send and posted it to my Facebook and took a big gulp.


Here goes nothing, world.




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