This is me – but it wasn’t always (hint: I was a fattie)

This is a picture of me, taken last year when I was at my lowest weight.



I was proud to show off what I had worked five years for, and impromptu snapped this pic in my washroom.

My adult boys weren’t so impressed with this snap. I think their comfortable image of mom is wearing flannel – from head to toe.

But this picture is representative of a journey I began probably after the birth of my oldest son, over 20 years ago. So yes, for almost half of my life, I was on a diet.

It started when I gained 80 pounds while pregnant. I loved my squishy, 8 pound, 6 ounce and 23 inch long bundle of boy, but wow-my tiger stripes were more like bear claws across my entire abdomen.

Along came number two and three, and by the time I was 25, I was fat, unhappy and hiding behind clothes.

I had tried every diet. Every. Single. One.

I logged meals at Jenny Craig, counted points at Weight Watchers, endured injections at Bernstein, worked out. I pretty much gave up at 34, when I was my heaviest (238 pounds) and figured this was me…all of me….for the rest of my life.

My health began to suffer – I had severe problems with digestion and was always out of breath. It sucked. I began a transformation around 35 where, after a surgery and also a scare, I decided it was time to really buckle down and make a massive change in my diet.

This is where I found plant-based eating.

I remember scoffing at people who would lose weight and tell me they just ate healthy, or eliminated sugar. But what did I have to lose, other than the pounds?

So this is exactly what I did.

I began by eliminating a lot of the carbs and processed food I ate in my diet. Then I removed sugar for the most part, other than naturally-occuring in fruit. And somewhere around 2015, when my vegetarian brother decided to turn vegan, I realized I was cooking a lot of plant-based meals for the family because I loved to entertain and didn’t want to exclude anyone.

Pretty soon my middle son Tyler became vegetarian, and I felt I was winning in my household. My daughter and son were carnivores still, and I would still BBQ for them from time to time, but at last, I had an ally.

The beauty of eating plant-based has been for me that it has been incredibly simple. What started as a journey to lose weight and get healthy is now a lifestyle. A very simple one.

It is one where I never count calories, or worry about what is in my food, because I eat everything as close to the source as possible.

I don’t purchase frozen meals or packaged foods, and my snacks are frozen fruits and nuts.

If I could time-warp and tell my former, 25 year old fat self that this is the lifestyle I would have in the future, my younger self would probably die of laughter. I was eating ice cream back then more than I think protein. It was THAT BAD.

My point is, if I can do it, anyone can. Seriously.

This blog is meant to be a fun collection of global recipes, experiences as a plant-based eater and my adventures in this lifestyle I have “happened upon”.

I do not profess to be an expert, a nutritionist, or have all the answers, oh heck no.

But if you like fun recipes, pretty pictures and a good story, then why not stay awhile…

…you have nothing to lose 🙂




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